It occurs to me that I have neglected writing here for most of the winter. I guess that’s because it’s been an uneventful winter-in a good way. Last year, with more snow and fewer Chinooks than I could remember in many a winter, it seemed there was always something to write (complain?) about. Today is one of our colder days, of late. It’s -11C with brilliant sunshine, fresh snow, and a pure blue sky. A few desultory diamonds of snow sail through the air as a light breeze sets them sailing from the snow-loaded branches. Since Christmas we’ve been above freezing for almost as many days as we’ve been below. I love it-but I feel almost, just almost, guilty as snowstorm after deep freeze torments the East. I started this a few days ago. Since then it has been even more spring-like, with temperatures many degrees above freezing. Aside from watching out for the ice left behind by the melting snow it is wonderful to walk through the woods these days. One patch of forest is home to a couple of the glorious pileated woodpeckers. Their hearty “laughs” and lively percussion keep the air vibrating. Calving will start in the next few weeks. I am hoping that will not be the time when Mother Nature remembers we didn’t receive the proper amount of snow and cold yet this year. Only time will tell but right now it’s time to enjoy what we have. Seize the day!

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