Yes, it was a great winter-the exact opposite of last winter’s snow and cold. But, now the last vestiges of even a good winter are gone and it is SPRING! Everywhere I look, trees and plants-including the ever-faithful weeds-are turning green. Animals laze in the sun, their winter coats falling out in handfuls as their summer ones turn sleek and glossy. As I work in the yard and garden I am serenaded by music more beautiful than anything produced by the great composers. This is the music of the returning birds. Chief in the orchestra is the rose-breasted grosbeak, one of those rare creations who is as beautiful to the ear as to the eye. His song is loud and almost continuous all day. By nightfall he must be utterly exhausted! His song is like that of a robin but longer and more complicated. To see him is to be captivated by his attire-black back, white breast, and a crimson patch over his heart. Of course he is not the only bird around. The robins also sing loudly and cheerfully. The grosbeak’s cousins, the evening grosbeaks, are also gorgeous, the males a deep yellow, accented in black. Sadly, like me, these fellows cannot sing a note. However, they are not ashamed to be heard and loudly proclaim their presence with their ear-splitting whistles. The chickadees, our faithful winter companions are also vocal with their spring songs and, not to be outdone, the woodpeckers and sapsuckers chime in with percussion, loudly hammering on whatever takes their fancy, preferably something metal with a good ring to it. If only spring could be bottled and sold it would be more intoxicating-and better for the health-than any spirit on the market! Cheers.

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  1. Sally Banks says:

    Marilyn, as ever, your words weave a delightful picture. Thank you for letting us share your corner of the world.

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