Move Over Wonder Dogs!

Apache did something very funny a few days ago. My back door, though fairly new, needs a firm push to engage the latch. Once or twice Apache has given the door a push with her nose, found it unlatched, and invited herself in. Usually, she has been invited out again as she has her own very nice house with a heated bed in it. Still, she is not above trying for an indoor visit. So it was that on a moderate winter night when I was in bed and just falling asleep, I heard footsteps and was accosted by a large wet nose snuffling my bed. What?! Apache was supposed to be outside. I floundered out of bed and she led me all the way through the house. There stood the back door, wide open. Having confessed to what she had done, she marched on outside and went to bed in her house. Why hadn’t she just lain down by the fire and spent a pleasant indoor night? Conscience, of course! That must surely indicate an evolution of intelligence above the average dog. (Either that or she was too dumb to keep a secret.)

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