An evening in February

It’s a little cooler tonight, still pretty good for Alberta in February. Nonetheless, it’s a good time to be in the house with the woodfire burning and a lot of warm fur cushions around. Here are the two youngest of those cushions, also known as The Little Fiends or The Ragamuffins or just The Calicoes, depending on what they’ve been up to most recently. Meet Pirate (with her black eye patch) and her white-faced sister, Powder.

Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak to groups throughout most of south-central Alberta. Areas farther afield considered on some occasions. I have many stories and adventures to relate about life with animals and Nature on my Alberta ranch. I also can speak about my books and the inspirations behind them. My style is laid-back and casual and I have been told I relate well to my audience. In the past I have spoken to librarian conferences, (adult) sororities, Women’s Institutes, Literacy Conferences, and numerous school and other education-related groups. Fees are negotiable depending on the group and location.

Contact me for more information.