The Corriente Connection

Big news! We’ve started calving—kind of accidentally. According to the time the bulls were turned out last year, the calves shouldn’t start coming for at least two weeks. But that was without considering the neighbor’s Corriente bulls. These fellows are similar to, if not of the same bloodline, as the Mexican fighting bulls. They arrived in the pasture across the fence a couple of weeks before our Anguses were due to join the cows. Well, it was spring. Love was in the air—and before long a couple of the Corrientes were “in the air” and over the fence. They were black, shiny and handsome. Obviously, two or three of the cows were led astray by their dashing masculinity. So, this morning, there appeared the cutest little mouse-colored calf with a nice white design on his face. He was born out in the woods somewhere and he was doing just fine, obviously having located the spot where mama kept the groceries, and now frolicking in the sunshine. And, a little farther along, there appeared a first-calf heifer with a little red guy nuzzling her for milk. He, too, must have had a Corriente connection—or else he was a very early Angus. Anyway, he, was also just fine. What a great way to start a blue-skied snow-melting day in March!

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  1. Sally says:

    Love your stories Marilyn. Can’t wait to see pictures of these little guys.

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