Doesn’t that title sound impressive? Well, all it means is this is how things are right here right now. Things have definitely been different this spring and summer. It has been unusually hot. Many Bergen summers have seen me in sweatshirts most days. Not so this year. Many days in the high 20s or even 30C. Too hot for me! Add that to the fact we had almost no spring run-off from our low-snow winter and a real shortage of spring rain and we found ourselves with a sparse hay crop. Now, let me add that we are not in a real drought like so much of the prairies. Throughout the summer we have had enough showers to keep the grass growing. Gardens needed watering often but how they grew in the heat! Most vegetables seem to be about two weeks ahead of usual. Now that what hay there is has matured and needs to be cut, we are in a showery phase with a little rain almost every day so things are at a standstill in that department. Having said all that I must add that we are so blessed in Bergen. The TV news shows us houses almost destroyed by vicious hailstorms and hail lying like snowbanks all over the land a day later. These storms have struck in two directions, each only an hour or two from here but, so far, we are untouched. Yesterday a fierce-looking black cloud sailed off to the southeast. It whipped itself up a small tornado which touched down near Calgary. I live in a beautiful little notch in the thick forest and would be all too vulnerable to fire. Here again, we have been spared the horrible forest fires that have blazed in BC, Saskatchewan, and northern Alberta. No great excitement in my life. But remember the ancient Chinese (I think) curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Bring on the boredom! Just a few miles from here is Bear Valley Horse Rescue which takes in unwanted horses that would otherwise go for slaughter. Among their many guests are a number of two-year-olds, well-bred, beautiful animals which did not find buyers last fall. Although I don’t dare climb onto a green horse any more I bought one and took in two for “foster children.” There are a roan, a sorrel, and a chestnut, gorgeous fillies. Just watching the grace of their movements and the flash of their sleek coats in the summer sun is more fun than an expensive holiday. They love me dearly, too, especially when I’m carrying apple wafers! That’s all for now. Wish me luck with the hay!

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  1. Sally Banks says:

    Marilyn, how I look forward to your posts! Your words always create such vivid impressions of your life and the world around you. Thank you for sharing.


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