My favorite local restaurant, at Coyote Creek Golf Course, has re-opened for the summer. We went there for supper and sat outside on the patio overlooking the pond where a couple of dozen fat trout swim. There was a visitor at the pond that day, a big, handsome loon. We watched as he-or perhaps she, although she was probably at home looking after the nest as these things tend to go-swam around preening himself, just touring, and occasionally disappearing underwater. Gradually he worked his way closer to the near shore where the fat fish cluster, waiting for handouts. Then, suddenly he dived. Seconds later this streamlined black and white “torpedo” was streaking among the fish, locked on the trail of this or that one like a heat-seeking missile. Twisting and turning, changing direction in an instant, he had become a true denizen of the deep–nothing bird-like about him now! He repeated the dive and chase four or five times while we watched. Although all the fish we saw him pursue were far too big for him to swallow there must have been smaller ones farther out, rewarding his efforts and keeping his interest alive. He definitely kept our interest alive-a real bonus to go along with the tasty onion rings!

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